My Overall Experience in EDER 677 Course

Six weeks of summer session went by so fast and now Distributed Learning course is almost over! It was a short term but there was a lot to learn in this course. The selection of readings for this course was phenomenal and the readings were relevant to the topic covered every week. Starting the course by reading NMC Horizon report caught my interest in this course; I think that was a great start! The other reading which I found interesting was a report by Alberta Teachers’ Association on “The impact of digital technologies on teachers working in flexible learning environments”. I found this reading to be quite comprehensive and it is a true reflection of current trends in educational technology.

It was my first time using Elluminate Live software in this course but I was amazed with Elluminate’s ability to create a virtual classroom. I found all three Elluminate sessions to be quite engaging and they certainly created a classroom atmosphere.

I also enjoyed sharing my experience and knowledge I gained from every week’s readings on reflection blogs. These blogs provided me with a medium where I was able to express my past experiences, ideas, and opinions about educational technologies. I was not able to read everybody’s blogs but the ones I read were well presented and they had some thought provoking questions. I enjoyed posting my blogs to an extent that I think it should be a weekly exercise!

Regarding article review learning task – it was a great exercise in analyzing a peer reviewed article. This task was a great learning opportunity to build my knowledge and skills in reviewing an article and the knowledge built from this exercise was helpful in analyzing a big list of literature for a research topic of my final report.

Finally, I would like to mention about the feedback I have got from Dr. MacLachlan regarding my article review, blog posting, and my proposal and I am very grateful for that support. The feedback has always been very encouraging and I have always had my emails promptly replied by Dr. Maclachlan. Also, the feedback I have received on my blog postings and my article review from my colleagues have been very encouraging. So, thank you very much for your support too! Overall, I have enjoyed my experience in this course and I have learned a lot in just six weeks!

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  1. Doug MacLachlan says:

    Rahim, I enjoyed and appreciated your final comments. I could not help but think that when I read your post on self-assessment that there is great value in having students comment on each others’ blogs. Even though this is not assessment per se, it provides a sense that your work is valued and being read, even if your instructor falls far behind like I did! You were encouraged by the comments of your colleagues when my comments were absent.

    Thanks for your excellent participation in this course Rahim!


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