Creating Digital Content

I had a great experience exploring web tools that I had never used before. The tools I have used to create digital content in this course are HelloSlide for creating a digital media presentation, BookBuilder for creating an Ebook, and Webs for creating a website. Webs has been my best tool so far! I also enjoyed working with Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 for editing pictures on my first blog posting.

Digital media establishes a flexible learning environment where learners can access digital content and share their ideas without having to worry about geographical, time, and space constraints. Moreover, all the useful resources on the internet can be integrated into the digital media – for example, on a website or in an E-Book – and presented to the learners in order to enhance the learning process and make it more effective.

However, there are some pedagogical challenges in creating digital media. It has been a difficult task to successfully incorporate all the learning outcomes when using a particular tool to create digital media. For instance, if my group of learners benefit from watching a video with audio capability and a certain tool does not support the type of video or audio file, then it becomes a difficult task to think about other options in order to meet those learning outcomes. Thus, the lesson I have learned from my experience is to never rely on one particular tool but keep on looking for the tool which is most beneficial in incorporating all the learning outcomes.

One of the good practices when creating digital media is to have a thorough learner analysis and paper prototype. I found these resources to be helpful because they indicated the requirements for my design; hence through these requirements, I was able to identify the appropriate pedagogical approaches to use in my digital media in order to meet the required learning outcomes.

It is also a good practice to have the design of the digital media reviewed by peers after taking into consideration its learning outcomes. I was quite surprised with the constructive feedback I received from my peers on my digital media projects and how these feedbacks were helpful in indicating weak aspects of my design and in improving the overall design of my projects.

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